Dr.Lawrence N. Blum, Ph.D.

Psychologist, author and teacher, Dr. Lawrence N. Blum, had this to say about C Squares ® :
“I was ( ) struck by the breadth of application of what I found underlying all your material. I saw you activating parts of the brain through the process and material of cooperative puzzle resolution and mapping to enhance social / interpersonal as well as personal growth and efficacy.

Corporations, public safety agencies, basically all walks of life now have complained about "Generation X."  The basic complaint had been that the generation that has entered the adult world in the last ten years does not fit well within teams. They were, after all, raised in the world of single-parent or two-working-parent homes, and brought themselves up or with day-care (without the security base of traditional interpersonal experience and development that occurs in the family unit that is not insane or disrupted somehow).

Your theories seem to be applying what we know about dimension, space, self and object, and learning to psycho-social phenomena. This is where businesses, police agencies, and the rest are having difficulty.
Teamwork, group effort, sequentially ordering work systems to build a given product get disrupted by the vagaries of deficits in social development and interpersonal rehearsal experience.....

Basically, I (believe) that your work would enhance the social adjustment of children (as well as their learning), but threaten the status quo socialization that seeks compliance with an external authority as opposed to self-controlled growth.”

A number of years ago two naval vessels, the USS Starks and Vincennes had mishaps involving shooting down an Iranian jetliner by mistaking it for a fighter plane, and getting hit by a missile. The navy hired people to see what went wrong. They found that the recognition of threat-assessment of threat-decision to act-action that the techs were trained to process so well in classroom settings had come in with such time compression that it overwhelmed them.

In special task groups in public safety and business, the same difficulty holds true: people are well-trained in classroom settings with an adult education model (based on theory that people learn best when they aren't stressed) with skills that don't translate into improved performance in the field, when the field's characteristics don't match the classrooms’.

Your C Squares and mapping via social integration of cues would be dynamite as a structure for team-building and mission-expertise in task groups."