There's no problem
 When you trust the process
The world is perfect, the rules simple.
Nothing's extra.  Nothing's missing.
 Lighten up. It’s time
Like a game, to play it your way.
Try listening with your eyes, or
Observe if you prefer.

Those who get less may soon have more.
Those with more can end with less.
Some, so they believe, have nothing.
Some don't see what they have at all.
Some are alike, some are different.
Some are giving, some are not.
Some want to change, some don't.
Some risk, some won't.
Some try too little, some try too late.
Some give up, some refuse to give in.
Some set conditions. Some wait and see.
Some accept help, some don't see how.
Some do it differently. Some can't decide.
Some get a lot of what they don't need.
Some are scared, while still others lead.
Some break rules and some hold fast while
Some learn "nice guys" don't always finish first -- or last.
Some learn quickly without a sound that
What goes 'round usually comes 'round.

Greater than the sum of all our parts,
We may be frustrated though freely we choose,
Seeing how handily here on the table before us
Our days are wrapped and on purpose 
rounded by a ribbon of patient persistence.
One and the same, we are the love that we give to others
every today of our lives,