Living and Learning is like Completing a Jigsaw Puzzle -
you need a few pieces in place before you
begin to imagine what other pieces
might still be needed

Imagine a free world created by the people, for the people
not perishing from the earth and imagine you could

Imagine a life where everyone was constantly learning, a place where what you wondered was more interesting than what you knew, and curiosity counted for more than certain knowledge.
Imagine a society where what you gave away was more valuable than what you held back, where joy was not a dirty word, where play was not forbidden after your eleventh birthday.
Imagine an economy in which the business of business was to imagine worlds people might actually want to live in someday.
Imagine if no pieces were missing. Think of how we’re all born with important starting pieces; our appearance, talents, abilities, peculiarities, challenges, that comprise our whole selves – unique gifts to the world. Think about how most of us will grow a supply of supplemental pieces (concepts, skills, perceptions) during our formative years that we’ll employ for the rest of our lives. Along the way we’ll complete many puzzles as our interests motivate us to choose which to work to completion and which to put aside.
Imagine if what we seek is so simple that our problem is easily solved. That would be great. Yet, what if our curiosity fixed upon a larger goal, a more ambitious big picture, like bringing peace to the world, joy to our workplace, achieving family togetherness - there’d be more pieces to account for, making the challenge more difficult.

It might seem logical to proceed in a step-by-step process that focuses on one piece at a time to make sure we have thoroughly mastered that step before going on to the next. Life, alas, doesn't always go according to plan. As our learning curve ascends we may need to do some of this but in the beginning a "logical" approach doesn't “get it together” nearly as effectively as immersion accompanied by simply giving without an expectation of getting in return. C Squares ® does that.

Imagine what a single team of people and their pieces might accomplish if only mission challenged.
We challenge you to imagine how, and then do it.