We've learned through experience that when young people are taught the underlying principles of character development, honesty, tolerance, and trusted with responsibility, they learn respect for others and to trust themselves.

When young adults learn about courtesy, the reason for complying with rules, and why laws are instituted -- to insure equal opportunity -- then our schools, our teachers, our students alike will be safer, happier, and assuredly more successful.

Emotionally intelligent individuals stand out.  Their ability to empathize, persevere, to control impulses, communicate clearly, make thoughtful decisions, solve problems and work with others earns them friendship and success in life.  These people tend to lead happier lives and enjoy more satisfying relationships.  When at work they are more productive and they spur productivity in others.  At school they do better on standardized tests and help create safe, comfortable atmospheres that make classroom learning easier for everyone.

New York State adopted the Safe Schools Against Violence in Education Act (SAVE) in July of 2000.  It mandated that all public schools were required to establish "safer and more effective learning environments" through a variety of measures, including "instruction in civility, citizenship, tolerance and character education."

C Squares ® is one such tool for providing training in these measures. Consider implementing a  C Squares ® Workshop in your district or in your school or community group. Parent Teacher Associations can impact posterity by fostering the creation of many safe places through sponsorship of C Squares ® and the principles of character development.

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