Characteristics of Effective Teamwork and Good Citizenship

  • Goals are understood by everyone.
  • Participants take initiative to get things done.
  • Each teammate trusts the judgment of the others.
  • Members are carefully listened to and given thoughtful feedback.
  • Everyone participates actively and positively in meetings and projects.
  • Individuals have thought hard about creative solutions to the problem.
  • The whole group is willing to take risks.
  • Team goals are given realistic timeframes.
  • Full team acceptance is expected as decisions are made.
  • Everyone is supportive of the project and of one another.
  • There is plenty of communication between team members.
  • Common decisions are made using organized, logical methods.
  • Everyone is focused on the mission while immersed in addressing details.
  • Dissenting opinions are recorded and revisited when future situations dictate.

How Do We Expect Citizens of Our Democracy to Act?

  • To work for consensus on decisions
  • To share openly and authentically with others regarding personal feelings, opinions, thoughts, and perceptions about problems and conditions
  • To actively involve others in the decision-making process
  • To trust, support and have genuine concern for other people (team members)
  • To "own" problems rather than blaming them on others
  • When listening, to attempt to hear and interpret communication from others’ points of view
  • To influence others by involving them in the issue(s)
  • To encourage the development of other (team member) citizens
  • To be respectful and tolerant of individual differences
  • To acknowledge and work through conflict openly
  • To consider and use new ideas and suggestions from others
  • To encourage feedback on own behavior
  • To understand and be committed to (team) objectives
  • To not engage in destructive win/lose activities with other (team members)
  • To employ social skills to understand what's happening around you

NOTE: C Squares ® is an activity that provides hands-on experiential modeling of how a direct democracy works. They are a visual means of authentic assessment demonstrating by metaphoric means the ways in which freedom of choice and individual responsibility are linked to outcomes.