After the life-altering events of that day, didn't you feel differently about "work as usual"?  At first, didn't you notice people being less self-absorbed? Some appeared kinder, gentler, even introspective.

Charitable giving soared.  Nightly news accounts of air- and road-rage disappeared.  Crime fell.  United we stood in our patriotic fervor.  We sang "God Bless America" and redefined family.  Melding in support of values like trust, honesty and integrity, bravery, diversity, individuality, freedom and spirit, we processed our grief (aware that our lives were now different and things had somehow changed).  Teamwork became a way to heal more than broken hearts.  Our city, state, and nation, our very lives are healing still.

We have all been changed at work and at home since September 11th.  You'll see how when you participate in C Squares ®.  You'll watch team members succeed against what seem like overwhelming odds.  You'll watch as each member of the team grows in strength and conviction.  You'll see individuals making a difference by what they give to others on their team. You'll also be able to discern the kinds of choices individuals need to make in order to achieve the future envisioned by most communities of faith.  Like the metaphor for success that C Squares ® delivers, the losses of September 11th have moved our national spirit to a reaffirmation of belief in ourselves and in the priceless freedom that even unprecedented acts of terror failed to destroy.

Then you might ask:  What has happened?  What happened to all that good will, to the spirit of togetherness that we in America and the world experienced in the wake of the calamity in New York City on that morning of September 11th?  The answer is both simple and complex.  It involves the loss of trust, a human failure to see what was before us.  We are living with the consequences of what happens when communication fails, collaboration and cooperation are passed over in favor of divisiveness and coercion as perceived viable alternatives to more "piece full" means of problem solving.

What do we do?  Where do we go from here?  We can structure your next Conference or Team Building Workshop to give expression to that Spirit of Hope this activity embodies.  We can invite you to learn how to build climates of trust and bridge differences that exist between your people. There are survivors of September 11th for whom the grieving still continues, some for whom it only begins with the ongoing consequences of a war, and still others for whom the stress is a constant. Students, professionals, family members, those working in close proximity, employees struggling to reach consensus on all sorts of issues would probably agree. Too many of us lost loved ones on that day. Therefore, let's redirect our focus to ways in which we can help and support united teamwork.  Here's a hands-on demonstration of cooperation, resolution of conflict and application of communication skills you'll never forget.  C Squares ® can be used with any team of five people over the age of seven.  Made of colorful poly-foam, these learning tools are re-usable, affordable, and an entertaining means to emotional and cognitive release.