Team Fun with C Squares ®

In our obsession with information acquisition, individualism, and competition, education cannot serve the needs of future generations unless it sees as its work the creation of a compassionate and sustainable world that works for everyone. To develop a new global consciousness, we must move away from prescriptive and toward generative learning — a paradigm that values concepts such as the interconnected web of life, integrative ways of knowing, community, and moral action.

Through this system of teaching and learning, pioneering educational leaders can foster the fullness of intellect as well as creativity and spirit. By authentically inviting everyone into the essential questions of the human experience, we can make our world richer.

Today’s workplace requires effective, skilled, and compassionate transformational leaders — not just managers — who recognize the need for trust and who create high-trust cultures. Why is doing so important? Because the amount of trust that exists within a group of people greatly affects the results they can achieve together. High levels of trust let organization members focus on their primary mission rather than taking precious time and energy to deal with the numerous crises that prevail in a low-trust environment.

Although most of us have participated in trust-building activities as part of events to promote teamwork, creating trust isn’t a one-shot deal. It is an ongoing process that requires deep, long-term commitment from everyone in an organization. Through the development of supportive policies, practices, and cultural norms, an organization can make a conscious effort to build and maintain trust. As the enterprise reaps the benefits of a trusting culture, it simultaneously perpetuates, or sustains trust as an important commodity unto itself — something that’s crucial to retain employees, customers, and investors in this time of corporate scandal and public skepticism.

C Squares® combine an experiential activity with a learning tool that models a pattern of team behavior that builds not only trust but a problem solving mind map leading to the kind of compassionate, sustainable world that works for everyone. Participants will see their own realities through a paradigm shift valuing the interconnected web of life that emphasizes integrative ways of knowing, community cohesion and moral action. C Squares ® grow trust.