Testimonials of Individual Participating Team Members from Ohio

“I personally feel this was a very good idea for team building and seeing how people work together. I also like the idea of having an observer. A lot of things are better seen from the outside looking in rather than being a part of the group. Also liked the color coding idea.”
Sandy Reinhart-Ohio 2004

 “C Squares (is an) interesting game. I was one of the facilitators who presented the game.  It turned out to be a good exercise to use for communication... one group... laughed, became serious, then frustrated. Knowing how the pieces fit, I became frustrated watching teams stumble... Teams followed the rules set up in the beginning very well. Cooperation and trust prevailed.”

Alan Schultz – Ohio 2004

 “I found the game to be very fun and definitely worth while to group work. It can be used in a number of settings, classrooms of all ages, business meetings trying to foster better group work etc. On a scale of one to ten I would have to give it a ten. I thought it was a great activity and really learned from it.”

Colleen Fitzgerald –Ohio-2004

 “I saw many advantages to doing this type of activity… First and foremost – using teamwork to problem solve we had to be flexible and willing to give up our pieces. We had to collaborate with one another to reach our goal. It was a challenge. Critical thinking skills were being utilized. The feeling of accomplishment when ours was completed …”

Kim Hohlkein –Ohio -2004

 “Our group was the last to finish the completed squares. Our team worked very well together. It was very difficult to follow the rules of the game. I really wanted to communicate (verbally) with the members of my team. I was very happy to share my squares but I also wanted to take the parts that I needed. When our group finally finished we were very proud of our accomplishment.”

Kathy Bredoures –Ohio-2004

 “It seemed that our group worked together well as we were the first of three to finish. I think that by going through the process of not talking it became apparent that all of the group members had to relinquish some power. I see value in the activity because as we worked together to accomplish a goal we looked at our own actions and how they may have affected the outcome. The frustration of some group members was apparent and they held back breaking rules in order to find another way to solve the problem. I liked the activity and would rate it a ten on a scale of one to ten.”

Sheri –Ohio- 2004

 “An excellent and very creative way to foster teamwork and cooperation – could be used in a variety of settings and (with) groups of all ages. Everyone who does the activity can take something valuable from it. It is a great exercise and can help teach valuable lessons. Thanks.”

Brian Steiner –Ohio - 2004

 “It’s a great game – took about 15 minutes for our group to complete - not too bad, really helpful to build team awareness – works for both young and old – I would definitely recommend this game to others in the future.”

Peter –Ohio -2004

 “I enjoyed participating and found it challenging. I am a very competitive person and it was difficult for me not to take control of the pieces – an excellent way to teach teamwork and communication, or a lack thereof.”

David Ryp –Ohio -2004

 “I love puzzles and problem solving. Since I am a teacher I would like to have my students work on this game to build relationships and show the need for teamwork.  Also, beneficial for sporting teams to use to show the importance of teamwork and the need to help each other out.”

Roger Niese –Ohio -2004

 “I believe it would be very useful in a classroom at the beginning of the school year to begin building a classroom community – requires each person to actively work together and encourage critical thinking among group members. I would definitely rate C Squares at a 9 on a scale of 1-10 – great activity.”

Nicole Kleiman –Ohio- 2004

 “I felt quite the pressure to get done making a square as I was raised very competitively. I made my square but quickly realized that my solution was not the best solution for the group so I painstakingly gave away my pieces. In the end I was the very last student in the class to complete my square. What a change in status that was! I survived and got much needed applause from everyone once I ‘cracked the code’. What an enjoyable way – our group had a blast – to get to know my classmates and to work on all the C words listed on the checklist.”

Margie Zcycki –Ohio -2004

 “This was an interesting and exciting activity.  I rate it a 10 and I do not rate many things that high. The activity can be done with people who have never met and people who have known one another for years. I am not good at completing puzzles that are not right in front of me. I have little spatial ability. This made me stretch that ability, problem solve, share with others, have hope for others and cheer others on. We had the last group to succeed and I think we felt the greatest sense of accomplishment. This would be wonderful for any age group.”

Cara Moser –Ohio -2004

 “I thought that the game was a very interesting look at what can happen in a group dynamic when conflicts arise.  I give it an 8 due to the fact that there might be some trouble in doing this exercise in a 40-50 minute class period...”

Cornelius J. Wormley –Ohio -2004

 “An enjoyable activity – I could see using this during a counselor training session to help the new counselors build some confidence and trust issues. Our counselor training committee is always looking for new activities.”

Laurie Skowrouski –Ohio – 2004

 “Effective in demonstrating the give and take efforts in groups, it taught me to be more aware of what my group was doing with the puzzle – (also) good for people who are design and analytically talented. It was a challenge…”

Kari Ruhe –Ohio -2004

 “It makes you think. It’s good for problem solving and I think my kids at school would enjoy playing it... It was wonderful.”

Lynn –Ohio-2004

 “Definitely has merit and would be useful in a gifted or high aptitude elective class. It may also be a good activity in a Geometry Class.  All in all a great activity.”

Christopher J. Krjstenal –Ohio-2004

 “It is an interesting - - exercise. If the group involved work(s) together and share(s) their pieces then everyone completes the exercise. Those who hold back from dismantling (their squares) hold back the whole group. One well known person said ‘there is more happiness in giving….’”

Alan Lasu –Ohio- 2004